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Web Page Fee

There is No set-up fee to produce a $5.00/month web page.

Monthly Fee

The monthly maintenance fee is only $5.00 per month and you may order as many months in advance as you wish. Your web site would be entered at no additional charge into the web search engines if you order a minimum of 6 months at a time so that you can truly have a GLOBAL presence on the net!


It is easy to "get online". Simply send us an e-mail and attach a scanned image of your business card or one-page advertisement. You will be notified by return mail of the web address for your ad and it will be available for viewing upon receipt of your funds. You may order as many months as you desire at that time. Please note that the $5.00 web page is limited to one page only.

If you desire a full web page with numerous links, please Click Here!


Please visit the Business Advertiser page for examples of web pages I have produced. Each was made to the specifications of the individual business client. We can do the same for your business.

If you are interested in your own business or personal web page, please send e-mail to sales@hobbyline.com

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The Hobby Line! BBS has long been a hobby of mine.

Please, enjoy my hobby with me!

It is totally free!

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