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Welcome to The Hobby Line! BBS, home to HobbyNet.  HobbyNet is a small FTN echomail network set up by Mike Dippel to support Sysops who want to provide hobby-related topics for their users.

Please check it out by clicking: HERE

There are info packets available there if you wish to join.

We offer free file downloads, message forums including fsxNet (21:4/176), FidoNet (3:712/1321.5), iLink(454:1/393), MusicNet (440:1/107), tqwNet (1337:3/187),  WinsNet (9:467/19), VKRadio (432:1/165) and HobbyNet (954:895/1) online door games, online chat, and more.

The Hobby Line! Bulletin Board Service offers 100% free access and allows users to chat online, download files, access the message forums, and play online games.

View my video on how to take a quick class for instructions on how to use the web interface to connect.

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Remember the days of the 300 baud modems?  Remember when the BBS was the only way to communicate with persons from around the world for only the price of a local call?

Well, you have found that system of yesteryear in The Hobby Line! BBS.  No more slow modems, just a simple telnet or internet web connection, and you're here.

We offer free file downloads, message forums, online door games, online chat, and more.

Let us design and host your website.  We have been in the business for over 30 years.

If you want to trace your family history and need a quality website, please call
(954) 895-4638 or fill out a request form at Request Form.

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The Hobby Line! BBS has long been a hobby of mine.

Please, enjoy my hobby with me!

It is totally free!

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